Here’s where you can find explanations and demonstrations of some of my favorite exercises as well as a categorized list of some of the workouts I do.  When I’m looking for a workout to do, I sometimes come to this page to search for one, and I hope it might serve as a resource for others as well.  Feel free to adapt any of the workouts or exercises to meet your specific goals, needs, and fitness levels.  I sometimes come up with my own names for certain moves, or they may just be new to some people, so hopefully this page will serve as sort of a reference guide.

For most of the moves, I have tried to find simple YouTube clips that will give you the basics of how they are done, but if you need further explanations, don’t be afraid of the power of Google.  I’ve tried to categorize the following exercises by the area of the body they primarily hit, but of course some work more than one, so don’t go solely by which group they are under!

I know I personally love to always be learning fun, effective new exercises, so I will do my best to update this page regularly so that there’s never an exercise mentioned on the blog that goes unexplained.  Feel free to ask about any move you see or suggest some of your own!

Here are some of my favorite resources for new moves:

  • The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises - This is a fantastic book full of detailed explanations of a comprehensive list of exercises for every part of your body.  With color pictures, tons of variations, and tools for both beginners and exercise buffs, this book has something for everyone.
  • Self Magazine and Website - Self Magazine offers tons of health and fitness advice for a relatively cheap subscription rate.  Each month’s issue includes tear-out workouts cards, lots of interesting articles, and tons of healthy recipes.  In addition, as an e-mail subscriber, you get even more, and most of their workouts I’ve tried are simple, fun, and totally effective.
  • Women’s Health Magazine and Website - This is another really great magazine, with lots of great, super informative and interesting articles.  Again, e-mail subscribers constantly receive awesome advice, tips, and ideas, and the website is a wealth of information.  I frequently find fun new workouts, complete with pictures and detailed descriptions on how to complete each move.
  • YouTube - You’ll notice that a lot of my exercise links come from YouTube, and this isn’t a coincidence.  Many popular and highly accredited trainers have their own YouTube channels and create YouTube videos that can be viewed by the public for free.  All you have to do is search the name of an exercise or browse around for new ones, and you have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.
  • Other bloggers – Other blogs (like Love Eat RunPeanut Butter FingersSweet Tooth Sweet Life, and The Fitnessista, to name a few) are a fantastic resource.  Some of my favorites are written by certified trainers and some are not, but I’m always finding fun, new moves that I’d either never heard of or never thought to add into my routines. 

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