This is where you’ll find some of my favorite posts on all kinds of different topics.  Feel free to share your thoughts as well!

Learning From Others in the Gym

My Top Health & Fitness Apps

Versatile Blogger Nomination

My Thoughts on “Thinspiration”

Eating Overhaul


My Tanning Confession

100 Reasons You Should Workout Today

High Intensity Interval Training Overview

Seasons In New England

Setting Mini Goals For Long Term Health

100 Days of Real Food

Total Photography Upgrade

20/20: Celebrity Weight Loss

20/20: Feeding Tube Diet

Comparing Programs: Insanity vs. TurboFire

Misophonia: Hatred of Sound

The Best Times To Eat

The Worst Reasons to Workout

DIY: Refinishing Your Old Coffee Table

Gluten Free Diets: Not For Everyone

Stomach Issues

Making Sacrifices To Get Ahead

Organic vs. Inorganic

8 Ways To Stick To Your Workout

7 Biggest Food Label Lies

What A Waste

Careers In Social Media

My Chobani Guest Post

McDonald’s Calorie Counts


This Too Shall Pass

Secrets of Adulthood

10 Best Foods For Fitness

Something To Say

Things Making Me Smile

2012: The Year In Review

2013 Goals

My Attempt At Paleo

The Color Test

Meal Prep: Travel Edition

Traveling Smart

FitKit Blog Contributor

Liebster Award

Cardio vs. Strength Training

Muscle Imbalances

Muscle Knots

Nutrition 101: Protein

Nutrition 101: Carbohydrates

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

The Problem With Diets

Health Buzzwords

Skip The Diet

2 Comments on “Favorites”

  1. Zach says:

    Megan, wish I had discovered this earlier. Love it and your mindset, keep up the great work!!

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