Weekend Recap

This weekend was quick but wonderful!  On Friday I ran home after work to change and then headed out on the three hour trip…


(Most awkward self-portrait-taker ever.)

I did some shopping until Billy got back from his away game, and when he did, we were both hungry.  He chose Chinese, and we decided to order two combo plates to share: Billy’s choice – General Tso’s chicken, carb rangoon, and pork fried rice, and mine – chicken lo mein and teriyaki beef. 


It was all delicious, but Billy was starving and I just picked at a few baby bites, so I’m sure you can guess what the sharing ratio actually looked like.

Ended with a ‘balanced life’ fortune cookie… how fitting.


Saturday morning, Billy had a baseball meeting downtown, so I spent a little time walking around and checking out the shops.  Plus a quick stop for unsweetened ice tea (and later honey lemon green tea) and some 7-grain PB toast.  All the flowers were in full bloom, and it was a beautiful – albeit hot – walk.


Once he finished up, we had some time to kill before he had to go do the team laundry, so we browsed at a couple stores – one being Ocean State Job Lot.  I’d never been in one, but you can bet I’ll be back because: 


I’d been weighing my options of buying weights or joining the local gym, but couldn’t come to a decision because both are pretty expensive alternatives.  But now?  Problem solved!! Maybe I’ll want to join the gym in the winter time, but free weights and a treadmill are going to hold me over for quite a while!

For lunch later on, we stopped at D’Angelos where I got turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and hot peppers on multigrain bread. 


Later in the evening, I stopped by Mickey D’s on my way to Billy’s game to pick up one of their wild berry smoothies.  The nutrition facts really aren’t all that bad, and I was so thirsty and hot so it definitely did the trick.


Drank that while watching my man do his thing…



and was left with this beautiful backdrop once the sun started to set.



After the game we picked up some not-so-healthy grub to cap off the night.  The aftermath…


This morning, we stopped for breakfast before I hit the road.  When we walked into Dunkin Donuts, we were immediately confronted with a sign for their new Oreo donuts. 


Oh. my. gosh.  Right?  I made a comment about how amazing they looked (I’m not really a big donut person, but add in Oreos and you got me) but didn’t think too much of it because Billy’s generally not much of a sweets person in general.  But the next thing I know, I turn around and he’s holding one!  Of course he gave me bite and well… let’s just say, DD’s didn’t disappoint this time.

My breakfast didn’t include any Oreos, but I did have a bacon, egg, and cheese on an English muffin and hashbrowns.  Not exactly the meal of champions, but it could’ve been worse…


After breakfast, I had to hit the road to come back and get things in order before I take off for work travel.  Visits with Billy always come to an end way too soon but I love the time we do get to spend together!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Head For The Hills

Hey there! How’d everyone’s weekend go?

My week was super busy and full of driving, but it ended with a great weekend, so I can’t complain!

Last night, I drove about an hour to the other end of the Cape to watch Billy’s game.  Everything started out fine; it was packed, but I strategically found a seat on the hill in left field where I could see all the action. 

But soon, this happened:


The wind picked up strongly and the previously packed stadium cleared out as everyone literally ran for the hills.  You might’ve thought a tornado was coming by the reaction of the crowd. 

I stayed put, hoping to ride it out, and sure enough, the clouds cleared just about as quickly as they came.  It did get significantly cooler, and I did have to hunker down under a tree for a couple innings later on while it showered, but all and all, the weather held up fairly well considering what they were predicting. 



{Just chillin’}

Later on, the sun even made another appearance before setting for the night. 



I also had a pretty spectacular view of this guy from my vantage point in the grass:



Which of course made things all the more scary when I had a front row seat to him crashing into the barely-padded chain link fence tracking down a ball.  Yikes.  Luckily he was fine and brushed it off like the athlete that he is!

I knew it was going to be a long night, so I made sure to come prepared with dinner. 


I stopped along the way and picked up a sandwich at D’Angelo: turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and green peppers on multigrain bread.  I didn’t ask for bacon but somehow it made it on there, so I just went with it.


And later on, I had my dessert in the form of a Chocolate Brownie Clif-Z bar.  If you haven’t tried these things, you really should.  They are the jam.


Billy’s team ended up losing, but it was another great night of watching baseball for me, and an even better night of getting to spend some time with him after.  We didn’t get home until about 11pm, so I may or may not have spent most of that time dozing on the couch while he watched TV, but these days, I’ll take what I can get!

Anyone else do anything fun this weekend?!

It’s A Dirty Job…

But someone’s got to do it.


And today I’m helping!

Sometimes getting to spend time with Billy The Baseball Player means having to do things I may not necessarily choose to do otherwise:

Like drive eight hours in 100 degree heat.
Or sit through hours and hours of baseball in the rain/snow/thunder/wind/blazing sun… alone.
Or wait to eat dinner until 11 or 12pm just to get to do it together.
Or fly across the country for a tournament only to see him mostly from afar the entire time.
Or, in today’s case, help do the laundry of 30+ smelly guys.

Billy’s summer job while he’s here at the Cape is to do the team’s laundry, and today I found out first hand how, well, gross it really is. It’s one thing for me to do Billy’s laundry (I really don’t mind that), but to wash the underwear of 30 sweaty, dirty college guys that I don’t know? No thanks.


Kudos to Billy for getting it done every day on time and with no complaints.  And to be honest, I’d help him every day if it meant I’d get to see him more often!

Last night, Billy’s cousin Sarah made a great dinner of burgers, beans, and salad, and I fueled up for a long night of baseball.


They were calling for storms, but it only ended up raining for about 5 minutes the whole night.  Billy’s team lost in extra innings, but it was definitely an eventful game.


Today, once the laundry was in the washers, we stopped next door at 7/11 so Billy could fill up his “Big Gulp” cup.


Apparently the players on his team get free refills all summer long after they buy the cup.  Free Gatorade all summer long… not a bad deal!

I stuck with a little baby Citrus Slushy, which was plenty for me.  I’m really not into sugary drinks all that much (I’d much rather have some chocolate cookies, as you probably already know), but it’s a nice treat on a hot summer day!


After Billy swept out the locker room (the other part of his job), we went back to switch the laundry to the dryers and headed to lunch.  There’s a pizza place right next to his home field, and although it sure is greasy, it’s also really good.  I could only handle two slices before filling right up.


Billy had to be at his game shortly after lunch, so I headed back to Home Goods to pick up the paintings I scouted out yesterday.  There were two huge paintings of flowers, perfectly matched to the color scheme I want in my new bedroom, and they were on clearance.  What could be more perfect?!  I seriously loved them and could already see them up on the walls.

So after struggling to get them up to the register (they were pretty heavy), I bought them and an employee helped me bring them to my car.  And low and behold, wouldn’t you know: they didn’t fit.  UGH!!  I wanted to cry right there on the spot.  Of course that would happen.  Of course.

So I returned them and then sat in my car crying.  Haha, no, just kidding.  It’s not that big of adeal; I’m sure I’ll find others that will look just as good. 

Tonight’s game is about an hour away, at the other end of the Cape, so I’m headed in a bit.  They’re calling for rain/thunderstorms again, so let’s just hope I don’t get all the way there only for them to cancel it.

Catch you later!!

A Great Season

Well, yesterday didn’t go exactly as we had hoped. 

I started the day off in the lobby breakfast area, combining the last of the snacks I brought with a few things I found there. 


{Chobani with strawberries + wheat toast with mixed fruit jelly}

After breakfast, I spent some time catching up on blogs, lounging around, and getting ready for game one.  Game one started at 1 p.m., and despite a good showing from UConn, USF pulled out a win.  UConn only let up two hits in the entire game, but one of those was a home run, and they fell 1-0. 

I snacked my way through the morning and afternoon with an orange, half of a turkey sandwich on wheat, and a Clif Z bar. 

005  006  007

After the loss, we had about three hours to kill before game two, so we came back to the hotel and hung out in the air conditioning for a while.  Billy’s parents stopped at Chick-Fil-A for sort of a lunch, part two, and I turned my chicken sandwich into a chicken salad with some lettuce and Greek dressing. 


Cantaloupe on the side.


Right before we were to head back for game two, we spotted a Marshall’s and spent a few minutes browsing.  They had so much navy + white (UConn colors) – I wish we’d stopped there earlier in the week!

But we did find this bag of caramel corn that Billy’s mom and I snacked on through the game:


I don’t know the last time I ate caramel corn, but it totally made me feel like I was a little kid again, eating Cracker Jacks out of the box.

Game two was another close one, with a lot of it coming down to pitching.  UConn played another great game, scoring the first run in the sixth inning, but let up two in the seventh, and that;s all it took.  USF moved on to the championship, and UConn completed their 2012 season. 









It was a pretty emotional ending for a lot of the seniors and those moving on to the MLB draft, but they had a great run as Huskies and they should all be very proud.  Many of these guys hold records and have helped shaped the program into what it is, and there are definitely lots of people who are proud of them.  It’s always tough to close one chapter but they all have bright futures and that is definitely something to look forward to!

Go Huskies!

After the game, Billy’s brother Mike, his girlfriend Alex, and I were hungry, so we set out to find a place to eat.  We stopped at a new-to-us steakhouse down the street from our hotel, which had a pretty big steak + seafood menu.  We had their amazing fresh bread to start with.  


For my dinner, I was torn between the sirloin (obviously) and the chicken pot pie, but ultimately went with the steak.  (Mike got the pot pie and said it was great.)  With my steak, I got baked beans and fries.


It was definitely a long, hot day, but I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. Billy could be moving on to new opportunities next year by entering the Draft in a couple weeks, so I am interested to see what our future holds.  He’s certainly one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met, so I’m sure that he will excel in whatever he does!

We’re off to find something to do n our last day in Clearwater before we head to the airport this afternoon.  Hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend!

Clearwater Beach

I started yesterday off with a little over a three mile run in the hot, humid Florida weather.  I was out the door at 8 to try and miss the brunt of the heat,  but it didn’t quite work. The run was great in the sense that there were wide sidewalks along the whole route and a great paved bike path through a neighborhood. But the humidity made it feel like I was trying to breathe through a pillow.  The good news is that there was no pain in my shins or calves!

I finished the morning off as best I could with a quick version of overnight oats. I mixed a 6 oz. raspberry Chobani yogurt with a package of instant cranberry oatmeal and some milk and let it sit for about ten minutes. It wasn’t as chewy as regular overnight oats and it was a little too sweet because of both the flavored oats and yogurt, but still pretty good.


After breakfast I showered up and we headed out to the game. The heat was oppressive but luckily we got to stay in the shade for the entire thing.  And check out these fun facts I found in the program:


Go Billy!!

I brought trail mix with me and with everyone snacking, we devoured the entire bag. I also got a soft serve ice cream cone, but it was so hot that I could barely take a picture of it before it melted all over me. Lucky for me, Billy’s aunt brought a towel with her, which saved me from looking like an ice cream cone myself once I was done. I’ve never eaten a cone so fast though.


The game went really well and the Huskies pulled out their second win of the tournament against top seeded Louisville!



Because they won, they got the rest of the day off, and their coach allowed them to go to the beach. (They usually aren’t allowed to be in the sun too much on trips like this.)

On the way over to Billy’s hotel, we picked up sandwiches at the grocery store up the street, Publix.  They have a great deli, and the bread tasted freshly baked.  I got turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, and black pepper on wheat bread.


When we got to the beach, Billy met us outside and we claimed a spot in the sand.  The water was absolutely gorgeous – nothing like the ocean in New England!  And the sand was pristine.  It was crowded, but not overly packed, and they hat cabanas, chairs and umbrellas for rent. 

We hung out and swam for a while and then headed up to the pool at Billy’s hotel, which was also beautiful.  They had tons of chairs and even ping pong tables and Cornhole for people to play.


The pool was on the eighth floor overlooking the beach – check out those views!



Once we were all beached-out, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner. For dinner, we hit up Smokey Bones, which was right down the street.  I was looking forward to a steak, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I got roasted corn and baked beans on the side, and the beans were very good.


For dessert, we just had to get the Smokey Bones donuts… how could we not?  We also got a piece of the chocolate cake, and I sampled each. I’ve never not liked a chocolate cake, but the cinnamon sugar donuts stole the show for me last night and I had two of them.



After a long dinner, it was time to bring Billy back to his hotel.  On the way there, I took in some of the surroundings, and Clearwater Beach looks to be even more fun at night.  Definitely a place I’d like to come back and visit sometime!

Once we got back to our hotel, we were all totally wiped out and I pretty much fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Nothing like a day of fun in the sun to wear you out!

Billy’s game is at one today, and if they win they are headed to the championship tomorrow. If they lose, they will have to play again this evening, so fingers crossed for a good outing!

Any plans for the Memorial Day weekend?!


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