Use It Up

Lately, my diet has been a little… wild.  (For me, anyway.)  And my body has been paying for it. 

I think it all started back when I got my wisdom teeth out.  At first, I could only eat certain things, and most of them weren’t on my normal foods list.  Then, when I could finally eat normal foods again, I was feeling so hungry and deprived that I shoveled in anything and everything I could get my hands on.  And then I started this pattern of going out to eat a lot and getting bored with my normal foods, so I’d switch it up and bring back things I used to eat – like cheese, a lot of cheese.  And things have seemed to just spiral downhill from there. 

But then I remembered why I stopped eating all those things:


Stomach aches.


Weight gain.

Decreased performance.

Trouble sleeping.

Yup, now I remember. 

So in an effort to get myself back on track, I’ve been trying to clean all the junk out of my apartment –  all the cookies and candy and bread and bagels and pasta and cheese I’ve accumulated over the last few weeks, even if it is gluten-free.  For a long time, I didn’t eat any of this stuff, but then, slowly but surely, somewhere along the way, I started reintroducing them.  I’d buy a loaf of cinnamon raisin gluten-free bread here, a bag of candy corn there, and I guess I started to feel good enough that I thought I could handle them and it wouldn’t matter.  

But it did. 

(I probably should’ve known that subsisting solely on candy corn wasn’t a suitable plan, but I guess I got distracted by the pretty colors on the trees.)  Anyways, you can bet that I probably won’t be straying from the usual meats/fruits/veggies/nuts/seeds diet again anytime soon. 

It just works for me.  And now I know.  

I guess sometimes it just takes a little reminder, and I certainly got one. 

photo (5)

I really hate to waste food, so for the most part, I have just been using up what I can.  I threw out the rest of the cheese in my fridge because I just couldn’t deal with it anymore, but when it comes to the things that don’t bother me quite as much, I’ve just been eating them.  It’s a little counterintuitive given that I know it’s not going to help me, but I’m not made of money and throwing away food – no matter how junky – is just not cool.

For lunch the other day, I made a wrap with one of the rice tortillas I had left in the freezer.  I filled it with chicken, red peppers, spinach, and a little habanero salsa, and I had some Cape Cod chips on the side.  It was a delicious lunch – and not terrible, nutrition-wise – but I still think I’m going to be saying goodbye to chips and tortillas for a while.  It’s a slippery slope, people. 


When it comes to workouts, that’s another area I’m really refocusing myself on.  It’s easy to skip workouts in the summer because I’m so busy and still active in other ways, but in the winter, there’s less of an excuse not to get to the gym.  There’s much less going on, and thus much more time that can be spent in the gym – and plus, I have goals to reach

Here’s what Monday and Tuesday’s workouts looked like:

image  image

I got to the gym a little earlier this week, and it made a big difference in what I was able to accomplish.  I go to bed early and I get plenty of sleep, so there’s no reason I can’t get there earlier.  (Usually I spend a half hour on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube instead of just getting out the door when I wake up anyway.) 

So that’s my plan… now let’s just hope I can stick to it!

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4 Comments on “Use It Up”

  1. I have been down the same slippery slope as you….it all started with my wedding this summer. It was easy to say ‘its my wedding, I can eat whatever I want.’ Then was the honeymoon. Which is fine…but it’s soooooo hard to get back in the habit of saying no to foods again! Now I’m seeing results of all that indulgence!

  2. runningonpb says:

    Those WODs look so intense, good for you for getting in longer workouts. I battle the snooze button, and I know that if I stop, I can get a quick warm up run in before WODs, even if it’s just 2 laps around the building.

    • Thanks :) I just try to remind myself that a few extra minutes at the gym can make such a big difference but a few extra minutes of sleep really does nothing for me.. lately it’s been enough to get me up and out the door!

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