Wedding Weekend #1

You know you’re getting old when your friends start getting married… so I guess I’m getting old. 

A lot of my friends from college have been in long-term relationships, so it’s not a surprise that weddings are popping up all over the place, but it still feels a little strange.  There was a time when I thought I might have been headed down that path, but now I feel quite far from that, so it’s a bit odd for me to see my friends getting married and talking about having kids.  I couldn’t be happier for them though, and I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of their big days.  I have such wonderful friends, and it makes me so, so happy to see them so happy!

This past weekend marked the first of the weddings for this season… the lovely Ashley and Doug.  I had originally planned to head to Saratoga Springs, NY, where the wedding was held, on Thursday, so I took Friday off from work.  I didn’t end up leaving until Friday morning, but already having the day off turned out to be the perfect thing – being sick all week had me really run down, and getting to sleep in and relax on Friday morning was exactly what I needed. 

Late morning, I packed up my car and headed out.  Dress, shoes, bag, camera, snacks… check!


I already knew that I love where I live, but if there was any doubt in my mind before that New England (especially during the Fall) is the most beautiful place on Earth, there isn’t anymore.  I drove straight across Vermont until I hit New York, and the views were absolutely gorgeous.  I drove through small Vermont ski towns, past beautiful little farm stands, and through the foliage-covered hills on the back roads, and I couldn’t get enough of the colors on the trees that are just starting to turn.  The drive alone made a strong case for me moving out there…


Once I arrived in Saratoga Springs, I checked into the hotel and met up with my friends Amanda and Nick, who I was staying with.  Amanda is an amazingly talented hairdresser, so not only do I love getting to see her, but I also love getting to have my hair done by her.  (This picture could not get any more awkward.)


Once we were ready, we headed to the wedding, which was held at a stunning state park right down the road.  There was so much greenery everywhere, and the old buildings were just gorgeous.  Ashley’s parents got married at the same location, and I could absolutely see why she and Doug chose it for their venue as well.


Thanks to Amanda for sharing her stud of a date for the evening!


The wedding was held outside, and the weather could not have been more perfect.  The bride rode in on a horse and carriage, and the groom had a hard time holding it together – as did we!  Ashley is the quintessential fairy princess, and she looked every bit the part.  Her happiness was radiating through her smile, and it honestly brought me to tears.  I’m not a crier, but seeing my friend look so beautiful and happy was a powerful thing!


Once the I Do’s were over, we headed inside for cocktail hour.  And speaking of beautiful friends – hanging out with these two had me feeling like I was in Brangelina’s entourage for the night.  Talk about a glamorous couple!  They complement each other so well and are both so wonderful, inside and out… I can’t wait to watch them say I do in just two short months! 



We got to see quite a few other friends from college as well, and a great time was had by all.


When it was time to head inside for dinner and dancing, we found our table and took our seats. 


The venue inside was as breathtaking as the grounds outside, and not a detail went untouched. 


When the bride and groom were presented, the happiness in the room was truly overwhelming. 


A perfect first dance… but only the first of many more to come! 

And although my pictures don’t nearly do it justice, the perfection did not stop at the food.  The filet mignon I had for dinner was delicious, along with the potatoes and asparagus it came with. 


After dinner and cake, we danced the night away to an amazing band, and we all had an absolute blast.  A fabulous night with a beautiful bride, great food, wonderful friends, and lots of fun in a gorgeous setting… if this was Four Weddings, it would certainly get all 10s! 


Congratulations, Ashley and Doug!!

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4 Comments on “Wedding Weekend #1”

  1. runningonpb says:

    you’re so pretty and I loveeee your dress!!

  2. Jess Speidel says:

    So coming from Keene you had to have driven through Woodstock & Quichee or you went through Ludlow & Rutland …. Chances are you came up Route 4 through Whitehall & drove right by my house in Hudson Falls ! There’s a reason I moved here in 2008 & never looked back ! I love it here :)

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