Real-Life Extreme Couponing

Another thing that I love about my new job is that I’m busy all day long.  Being busy can of course be stressful at times, but what I like is that it makes the days fly by.  It seems like one second it’s Monday, and then before I know it, the week’s already over!  

That’s certainly how this week went, and Friday totally snuck up on me.  I was hoping to do something fun and summery for the long holiday weekend, like go camping with my dad, but Mother Nature had other plans for us up here in New Hampshire… it actually snowed last night! So with the cold and rainy weather forecast dampening my plans, I decided to stick around town instead.

First up on my list of things to do after work on Friday was groceries.  You know you’re getting old when you spend Friday night at the grocery store, but I had no food, so it was a must.  As I was picking up what I needed, I also grabbed one of their rotisserie chickens. After getting home late from a long day, I knew I wouldn’t feel like cooking, and these read-to-eat chickens make things pretty easy.

Along with the chicken, I had two things I haven’t had in quite a long time: wax beans and cherries.  My grandmother used to make wax beans all the time, and I sort of forgot about them until I saw them on the produce shelf.  I threw them in a pan on the stovetop with olive oil and basil, and they were delicious.  I used to love cherries (from a jar) as a kid too, and these fresh cherries made a nice, sweet addition to this delicious dinner. 



I have been on a serious pancake kick lately, and that’s exactly what I wanted for breakfast yesterday morning. I wanted to try something a little different though, so I combined about 6oz plain Chobani, 2 eggs, 1 tbsp coconut flour, and 1 tsp cinnamon in a bowl. 


I was a little nervous (as I always am when I just throw things together and hope for the best) but the batter looked to be the right consistency, so I went for it.


I poured the batter onto a hot griddle, and lucky for me, it worked!  Between the tart yogurt and the coconut flour (which I’m not all that fond of), they weren’t the absolute best-tasting pancakes I’ve ever made, but I did still like them.  I topped them with some crunchy peanut butter and berries to switch things up a bit, and it was a great change!


After breakfast settled, I headed to the gym, where my workout ended up being a killer one.  I often have more time to spend there on Saturdays, and I take advantage of that whenever I can.  Here’s what it looked like:

  1. Warm-up: 5-10 minute walk/run
  2. Back squats: Warm-up, 5×5 175#
  3. Plié squats: 4×8 135#
  4. Front squats: 5×5 95#
  5. 20-15-10-5 @ 35#:
    1. Reverse curl to OH
    2. RDLs
    3. Behind head shoulder press
    4. Lunges
    5. Rows
    6. Side lunges
  6. 4x:
    1. 12 Cable high rows @50#
    2. 12 Triceps pushdowns @ 40#
    3. 12 Calf raises
    4. 6 T2B
  7. 4x:
    1. 25 Bridges
    2. 25 Crunches
  8. Cool-down: 5-10 minute walk

Once I was finished at the gym and all showered up, I headed over to my friend’s house to chat for a while, and then we were off to do some shopping.   She is an amazing real-life extreme couponer, with her own binder and everything, and she showed me all her tricks.  I was amazed at how organized she was, with all of the coupons filed by type, and by how much she knew about store ads, manufacturer ads, and how to save the most money.  I am all about saving money, and I wish I could do it like she does!


First we hit the grocery store, and then Target, where I got to use some coupons myself.  She says all this couponing sometimes makes her feel like a crazy old lady, but hey, saving money is for people of all ages!


My mom and cousin are visiting today, and as excited as I am to see them, word on the street is that my cousin is bringing some of his homemade biscotti, which I need to get him to share the recipe for.  Let’s hope the weather holds up enough for us to go out and do something fun!

Have a great rest of your weekend! Smile

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4 Comments on “Real-Life Extreme Couponing”

  1. When I was working, I would try and get all of my errands done on a Friday evening just to leave myself free to enjoy the weekend…I totally coupon as best as I can as well as write down all sales each week from my local stores. It can be annoying but more annoying is spending full price!

  2. I cannot believe it was snowing where you live. HORRIBLE! Ha Ha. Seriously, what kind of Spring weather is that?!!

    I know you said your not a huge fan of the coconut flour, but try adding it into your smoothies next time you make one :) :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your family girl!

    • I know, and this week it’s supposed to be 90 degrees! It is so confusing…

      I’ll definitely try that with the coconut flour. It’s certainly growing on me.

      Hope you had a good weekend too!

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