Weird Facts Wednesday

The other night, my boss was talking about how his daughter will only eat vegetables raw.  He said she absolutely hates them cooked, but loves them raw.  Of course, getting kids to eat veggies in any form is a success itself, but this is kind of a funny quirk, and it got me thinking about all of the weird food habits I have. 

For example:

  • I love cooked tomatoes – in pasta sauce, on pizza, in eggs, with chicken – but I really don’t like raw tomatoes.  Recently I’ve started eating them on sandwiches or in salads just to increase my veggie range, but I really don’t enjoy it all that much.
  • Conversely, I love raw spinach.  I eat it (in excess) in salads, in smoothies, on sandwiches, in eggs, with chicken (what wouldn’t I eat with chicken?) but I despise cooked spinach.  The smell, the look, the taste… gross.
  • Grapes must be cold in order for me to enjoy them.  I’ll still eat them warm, but only if I have to.  It’s sort of like drinking warm milk.  You still get the same effect, but it’s really just kind of weird. 
  • I love bacon… but only by itself.  I’ll eat it alongside eggs, next to pancakes, with French toast… but put it in something, and I won’t touch it.  BLTs? No thanks.  Bacon on salad? Pass.  Bacon and egg quiches/frittatas/casseroles?  No way.  I have no idea why this is, but… it is. 
  • I’m a huge “breakfast foods for breakfast” person.  I find it strange to eat chicken/steak/other traditionally non-breakfast foods in the morning.  BUT – this is also a habit I’m really trying to break now that I’ve cut a lot of the “traditional breakfast foods” (cereal, oatmeal, French toast, pancakes, pastries, bagels…) out of my diet.  Who says you can’t have steak and Brussels sprouts or my beloved chicken and green beans for breakfast?!

Anyways… yesterday I decided to take the day off from working out because I hadn’t had a day off in about a week.  I like to take at least one day off per week, and with my schedule being a little funky on the trip, combined with the fact that I was up later than normal the night before, it was the perfect day to stay in bed a little while longer. 

I had packed up the majority of my hotel room the night before, so I had to go down to the hotel breakfast for food yesterday.  I kept things as simple and “real” as possible (which is key when that delicious cabinet of pastries is staring back at you) and went with three hard boiled eggs and a bowl of fruit. 


And shortly after breakfast, I headed to work, where we wrapped up the audit.  It was great to be finished ahead of schedule, but it was even more wonderful that it meant that I could head home two days early!

The rest of the day’s food was eaten in the car, where I pretty much ate whatever I could find/reach.  I’m not even sure that I was all that hungry, but when you’re alone in a car for 3-4 hours, eating is about the only thing that you can keep you busy! 

First there were carrots, a banana, a pear, cantaloupe, and cashews…


And then… this happened. 


I stopped to go to the bathroom (I have to do that a lot due to the amount of water I drink – it’s annoying) and decided I was still “hungry,” so I looked in the trunk for whatever I could find. 

Attack of the sticky, sweet fruits!  At least these raisins, dates, and figs beat the meal I could’ve gotten at the Taco Bell I stopped at…

But by the way, if you like Fig Newtons and you haven’t tried real figs yet, you must.  Honestly, they taste exactly like a Fig Newton cookie, but without all the added fake junk. 


By the time I got home and unpacked, it was already about time for dinner.  I had steak and peppers cooked with Montreal Steak Seasoning atop a bed of greens, and let me tell you: it hit the spot.  And apparently I was actually hungry because I went back for more after I finished this plate!


And for dessert: a g-free/dairy-free chocolate cookie from my favorite bakery in town.  They bake a ton of homemade g-free goodies themselves, but this Alternative Baking Company cookie was quite good as well. Like I mentioned before, you (hopefully) won’t catch me eating these kinds of things all the time just “because they’re gluten-free,” but it was certainly a nice treat to end a long week of travel!


So tell me: what are some of your weirdest food quirks?  I can’t be the only one who’s this strange…

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3 Comments on “Weird Facts Wednesday”

  1. Ahhhh I wanna try those figs!!

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