Temporary Shutdown

This weekend was certainly a whirlwind, with the first half moving at hyper-speed, filled with driving back and forth across the state, some last minute cramming for my exam, and a few errands sprinkled in.  Luckily, the second half was spent in a state of total relaxation, doing all kinds of fun things with some of my favorite people.

My mom is wonderful and came with me to Massachusetts for my exam, and I loved having the moral support.  After I passed (!!), we celebrated by hitting up Trader Joe’s (what else would we want to do?) and spent the afternoon relaxing.  My brain needed a serious break, and it was nice to not have to think about much for a little while.

When I was ready to head back home, I snacked my way through the car wash and then hit the road.


I baked up these delicious little babies for dinner, and although I generally don’t like stuffing, TJ’s does stuffing right.  The cranberries were an awesome addition, and alongside some green beans, this chicken made an absolutely delicious celebratory meal. 



I planned on spending Sunday laying low, and that’s exactly what I did.  In general, I love having things to do and a to-do list to focus on, but now that my exam’s over, I’m definitely going to enjoy a little downtime.  For breakfast, I had a TJ’s cinnamon raisin bagel with whipped cream cheese and grapes before parking myself on the couch for a movie. 


And then: this happened. 


My friend just built a gym in his new house, and I have a feeling I am going to develop a love-hate relationship with it very quickly.  We did a (seemingly simple but really not) workout that consisted of a warm up (running, stretching, and some light squats), five rounds of {5 thrusters @ 65lbs, 10 med ball slams @ 30lbs, and 25 jump ropes}, plus some pull-up work at the end.  I really struggle with pull-ups (like, really), so getting better at those is a serious goal of mine and luckily he’s willing to help. 

After the workout, we hit up Panera for a light lunch.  Their chicken noodle soup is pretty good, but their bread is where it’s at


The rest of the afternoon was spent riding bikes around the lake and just relaxing, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  I’m one of those people who’s brain in constantly on overdrive – brainstorming my next blog post, compiling my to-do list, studying, planning, thinking random and totally unnecessary thoughts, etc. – so it’s nice to just shut it off and enjoy life from time to time.  I’m sure I’ll be bored within a couple of weeks and start thinking about the next project I want to tackle, but for right now, I’m going to just sit back and enjoy it!



Dinner came in the form of this frozen pizza; I’d never had this version at all, but I haven’t had frozen pizza in general in longer than I can remember.  Surprisingly though, the ingredients list wasn’t all that bad, and the taste was pretty great. 


Salad on the side rounded things out, nutritionally. 



And for dessert: one of my all-time favorite flavors of ice cream.  What better to celebrate an accomplishment with?!


Finally, when it was time to refocus and get back into work-week mode, I decided to do a bit of meal prep for the week.  I cooked red and green peppers with chicken, olive oil, cumin, crushed red pepper, chili powder, and cilantro on the stove top and let it simmer for a bit. 


And I baked up chicken and sliced zucchini and roma tomatoes with Italian seasonings and crushed red pepper for about 30-40 minutes. 


It only took me about a half hour to prepare everything (minus cooking time) but now I’ve got four out of five lunches done for the week! 


It was definitely a fabulous weekend all around! 

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3 Comments on “Temporary Shutdown”

  1. Kellie says:

    The Trader Joe stuffed chicken looked delicious !! I will be picking up some for this weekend.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Trader Joe stuffed chicken looked delicious !! I will be picking up some for this weekend.

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