Yesterday morning, I added another max to my list: front squats.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been having to clean the bar (bring it up the my chest from the ground on my own), so I was nervous to go too heavy.  Yesterday though, I moved my front squats into the squat rack, and increased my weight by a good amount.  I struggled a bit, as I’m still working on my form and the overall strength it takes to do it right, but hey, I’m getting there – and that’s what counts. 

For the rest of my workout, I had one goal: do at least each group unbroken, meaning I wouldn’t stop in the middle of any of the sets.  Sometimes I find that I go too easy on myself, allowing myself to take largely unnecessary breaks just because, well, I can.  There’s no one watching me and no one to tell me not to… so why not, right?  But in reality, I’m only cheating myself, so in an attempt to push myself harder, I made a conscious effort to stop doing that.  And I’m happy to say that it was a total success!  I really didn’t have to work that much harder to complete all of the sets unbroken, but I’m sure I got a heck of a lot more out of it.

Here’s what it looked like all together:

  1. Warm up: 5 minute walk on treadmill
  2. Front squats:
    1. 15 @ 45lbs
    2. 12 @ 65lbs
    3. 8 @ 95lbs
    4. 6 @ 115lbs
    5. 3, 2, 1 @ 135lbs
    6. 8 @ 115 lbs
    7. 3 @ 135 lbs
    8. {8 @ 70lbs} x4
  3. Workout (UNBROKEN):
    1. Run 6 laps
    2. 10 Pull-ups (assisted @ 40lbs)
    3. 10 Toes-to-bar
    4. 10 Walking lunges (each leg)
    5. Run 4 laps
    6. 10 Hand-release push-ups
    7. 10 Box jumps
    8. 10 Goblet squats @ 20lbs
    9. Run 2 laps
    10. 10 Handstand push-ups
    11. 10 Wall balls
    12. 10 Dumbbell deadlifts from floor @ 30lbs
    13. 50 Shoulder presses @ 35lbs
  4. {12 Barbell bicep curls @ 20lbs + 12 Overhead tricep extensions @ 20lbs} x4
  5. {20 Swiss ball sit-ups + 20 Swiss ball overhead side bends} x5
  6. Cool down: 5 minute walk

For breakfast, I made another chocolate protein shake, plus a banana on the side.  (I know I said I want to mostly drink this at night but laziness + lack of food/ideas/time = another chocolate shake. Oh well.)


For lunch, I just brought another serving of my dinner from the night before.  What’s easier than that?  I didn’t put honey on the chicken this time, but I did use some crushed red pepper to spice things up.


Later, I snacked on an apple and almond butter before calling it a day.  Sometimes Fridays drag on, but this one flew by, for sure!


After work, I drove to my mom’s house to stay for the night.  I told her I’d pick something up on the way so we wouldn’t have to cook (it was Friday, after all), but she’s awesome and decided to make dinner in the crock pot instead.  (I really need to get a new crockpot and start using it because it makes cooking weeknight dinners so much easier!)   She cooked chicken, veggies (carrots, broccoli, peppers, peapods), and spices in the crockpot, plus she made asparagus and rice on the side.  It was totally delicious and much needed after a long day… thanks, Mom!


Time to start this weekend off right… Happy Saturday! Smile

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2 Comments on “Unbroken”

  1. lou says:

    Happy Saturday! I am trying to get back into weight training after a couple of injuries (knee+shoulder). If you ever have time, I’d love for you to give a watered down version of your workouts for those who might be wanting to get started – yours are so impressive but intimidating! I am searching for some good starting points. Thank you!

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