Modifying–And Messing Up

I woke up this morning and thought, oh crap, this is going to be tough.  My hands felt like dried up raisins, cracked and breaking, and my blisters were burning.  It didn’t exactly make me want to go try and move a whole bunch of weights around, but I headed off to the gym anyway.

I had to modify my workout from the original plan because people always seemed to be in the way when I needed to be using a certain thing at a certain time.  The Y I go to is sort of small, so I frequently find myself having to think fast in order to keep moving when I can’t use a certain piece of equipment.  But luckily, switching things around to make it work this morning was certainly easy enough.

Besides moving my bench presses to the end, I also added in an extra mini circuit because I had the time.  I think the caffeine in my pre-workout takes a little longer than I’d like to kick in, and I hate to waste the extra energy I have at the end!

Here’s what today’s workout looked like:

  1. Warm up – 5 minute walk + 5 minute jog on treadmill
  2. Workout – Complete as fast as possible without breaks; Do a total of five rounds
    1. Row 200 M
    2. 5 Shoulder presses (60lbs)
    3. 25 air squats
    4. 15 sit ups
    5. Row 200 M
  3. Strength:
    1. Walk 1 lap around track
    2. Bench press warm up:
      1. 10 @ 45lbs
      2. 10 @ 65lbs
      3. 5 @ 75lbs
    3. {5 Bench presses @75lbs + 10 Upright rows @40lbs} x5
    4. Walk 1 lap around track
    5. {12 Barbell curls @30lbs + 12 1-Dumbbell tricep extensions (French press) @20lbs} x4
    6. Walk 1 lap around track
  4. Extra circuit (repeat 4 times):
    1. 10 Box jumps
    2. 20 Standing oblique twists with med ball
    3. 10 Hand-release pushups
  5. Core: {10 Back extensions + 20 Obliques on pad} x4
  6. Cool down: 5 minute jog + 5 minute walk on treadmill

I actually messed up on the “workout” part pretty badly because I didn’t read it carefully enough at all.  I should’ve started at 250 M, increased the rowing distances by 250 M each time, and only completed three rounds – which actually makes way more sense now that I think about it.  At the time, I was wondering why it felt so easy, only rowing 200 M each time, so I increased it from three rounds to five, and only rowed 200 M between each.  I’m not sure where my mind was this morning (or my reading skills, for that matter), but oh well… It still worked out!

Aside from the fact that I can’t seem to read them correctly, I’m really loving this new style of workouts because it gives me benchmarks to hit as I go.  Once I complete a section, I feel accomplished and motivated to move on to the next one, and getting to basically start over at each new part of the workout really keeps me from feeling like it’s dragging on forever with no end in sight.  But seeing that light at the end of the tunnel for each mini-workout within the larger plan definitely makes me work harder through each section, giving me a more effective workout overall.

On my way to work, I stopped and picked up some Burt’s Bees for my poor little paws.  I’ve been slathering it on all day, and now my desk is a little greasy, but my hands feel a lot better!


I’ve got some serious laundry and packing to do tonight, but for once, I’m not complaining about it… Traveling is a little less of a burden when it means you get to lay on a beach for the next week!!


Do you go to the gym with a plan or make things up as you go?  I almost always go in with a plan – usually one written in my phone so I don’t forget it. 

Is your gym crowded? What do you do when people are on the equipment you need to use?

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2 Comments on “Modifying–And Messing Up”

  1. I ALWAYS have to have a plan before any workout. I can’t even go for a run around the block without mapping out the distance before! As much as I don’t want to admit it, I am a very type A kinda gal = )

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