Death By Burpees

I woke up this morning sort of dreading my workout. I’m still not feeling 100%, but that’s not even why I was nervous. The real source of my dread was rooted in one thing: burpees.


I don’t really know if anyone actually enjoys burpees, but to me they are pretty much equivalent to death. I can do approximately three before I want to lay down and die. (Okay, I can do more than that, but you get it.)

Anyways, here’s what today’s workout looked like:

  1. Warm up: 10 minute walk on treadmill
  2. Front squats:
    1. 10 @ 45lbs
    2. 10 @ 65lbs
    3. {6 @ 85lbs} x3
    4. {8 @ 65lbs + 8 lunges (each leg)} x5
  3. Workout of death:
    1. 1 minute max effort burpees
    2. Do this 3 times:
      1. 10 dips (assisted)
      2. 10 pull ups (assisted)
      3. 25 hanging knees-to-elbows
    3. 1 minute max effort burpees
    4. Do this 3 times:
      1. 10 dips (assisted)
      2. 10 pull ups (assisted)
      3. 25 hanging knees-to-elbows
    5. 1 minute max effort burpees
  4. Core:
    1. {20 Kettlebell swings with med ball + 30 Standing obliques with med ball} x4
    2. {10 Back extensions + 20 Obliques on pad} x4
  5. Cooldown: 5 minute jog + 5 minute walk on treadmill

Surprisingly, I think I significantly overestimated how miserable those three minutes of death would be. They were hard, sure, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well decently I completed them. There was a kid across from me in the gym doing them at the same time, and don’t tell him, but we were secretly competing. I think it’s safe to say he won, but I’ll get him next time.

The whole thing only took me about an hour, but as you can see from the metrics below, it was quite an effective workout. (The time says 1:19 because I forgot to turn off the timer on my watch until I got home. Woops!)




The only negative about the workout (which really has everything to do with the equipment and nothing to do with the workout at all) was the blisters it left me with. The pull up bar at the Y is my worst enemy, but we definitely have a love-hate relationship because those knee-to-elbows are my favorite part!


Anyways, they kind of make me look tough… Don’t you think? Winking smile (And if that picture doesn’t totally gross you out, feel free to follow me on Instagram – @megduv!)


What kind of workouts have you been doing lately?

How often do you switch up your workout routines?

Do you have favorite and least favorite exercises?

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