I’m Done With The Book!!

Even though I had a great weekend of activities, I obviously didn’t have a great weekend of eating.  And that meant that getting up this morning for a 5am workout was absolutely brutal.  After living in a hotel for the last two weeks, then taking three days off and sleeping in, plus eating like crap… my body just was not feeling so hot when my alarm clock went off today. 

I was pretty much prepared for that to happen, but it didn’t make things easier when it actually did.  I was determined to feel better though, so I just pushed myself really, really hard to get out of bed and to the gym.  I definitely dragged through the entire workout (and I thought about leaving approximately 16,000 times), but in the end, I got it done, and I ultimately felt good about it.

This morning, I did workout #3 from my new plan:

  1. Warm up – 10 minute walk on treadmill
  2. {10 Dumbbell rows @ 15lbs + 10 Barbell shrugs @60lbs} x5
  3. Workout – 25 minute cut off
    1. Run 3 laps
    2. Do this 5 times:
      1. 5 Dumbbell swings @ 20lbs
      2. 10 Hand-release pushups (hit chest to floor)
      3. 15 Air squats
    3. Run 3 laps
    4. Do this 3 times:
        1. 5 Dumbbell swings @ 20lbs
        2. 10 Hand-release pushups (hit chest to floor)
        3. 15 Air squats
    5. Run 3 laps
  4. Core:
    1. {12 Hanging knee lifts + 12 Figure eights} x4
    2. {12 Back extensions + 20 Obliques on pad} x4
  5. {10 Lateral raises @10lbs + 20 Lunges} x5
  6. Cool down – 10 minute walk on treadmill

I’ll admit: I struggled, with my stomach feeling crappy the entire time, but it was still fun!

I prepped a lot of food last night, and since I only have four days at my apartment this week, I’ll just warn you now that there are going to be a lot of repeated meals in the next few days.  Variety can be hard to come by when you’re cooking for one person for only a short period of time, and sometimes preparing things in batches just makes it easier.  That said, I chopped up enough spinach and peppers for four eggs scrambles, and I have exactly four banana halves on hand, so you’ll probably be seeing this breakfast every day this week. 


But I promise to have some fun new breakfasts from Mexico in a few days!!

For lunch today, I went with the old stand-by: chicken with red peppers and spices (chipotle chili powder, chili powder, crushed red pepper, and cumin) to heat things up, plus carrots to cool it down.


Those carrots were looking a little sad, but they still tasted good! 

While I ate, I also accomplished a pretty big feat: I finally made it all the way through my NASM textbook!  It was my goal to get it done before I left for vacation, and now I don’t have to worry about it over the next few days. 

Now that I’m done reading through it for the first time, I plan on focusing mainly on studying the detailed notes I wrote in my study guide and the flashcards of vocabulary I made.  (Luckily, those are highly portable, so they will be coming with me on my trip.)  In college, I always found that that worked better for me than studying straight from the book, so let’s hope that hasn’t changed.  I’m sure I’ll still have to go back through the book and study the charts and appendices, but it sure feels good to have read it cover to cover.

I hope your week is off to a great start!


Have you tried any new workouts lately?

Do you have any vacations planned this year? My mom, sister, and I haven’t been on a real vacation together in years, so I’m really excited about this trip!

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