Holy Stomach Aches

Remember when I said there are some things I just know that I shouldn’t eat?  That there are some things that I know are going to give me a stomach ache, but I sometimes eat them anyway? Well this weekend was filled with them… and I’m paying for it now.

I woke up in the morning on Saturday hungry but didn’t know what I wanted for breakfast.  Eggs? Boring.  Pancakes? Just had them.  Muffins? Too lazy.  Oatmeal? Maybe.  But then I looked in my cabinet and saw that I had an unopened box of Kashi Go Lean cereal, and I decided to give it a shot.  The cereal has way more fiber and protein than oatmeal, so even though the ingredients list was longer and I knew it’d probably make my stomach feel kind of crappy, I decided to go with it because I wanted something a little different. 

  DSC_0605  DSC_0606

I topped the cereal with a whole bunch of strawberries and almond milk and had a banana on the side.  I thought I’d be able to taste the difference with the almond milk, but I would’ve never even known that it wasn’t regular milk.  The cereal was pretty good but I couldn’t even finish the whole bowl.


After breakfast, I forced myself to do a little bit of studying.  I’ve been seriously slacking lately, but the deadline to take the test is getting closer, and it’s starting to make me a tad bit nervous.  I only have two more chapters to get through at this point though, so my goal is to finish those before I leave for vacation on Friday.  That way, I won’t have to lug my book all the way to Mexico with me in order to study; I can just bring my study guide and flashcards and continue preparing!


After I got ready, my friend and I went to my favorite local sandwich shop for lunch before we headed out to Vermont for our ziplining adventure.  For stomach-ache-inducing meal #2 of the day, I got the turkey, cranberry, and lettuce sandwich on grilled whole wheat bread with salad on the side.  I absolutely love the taste of their sandwiches, but my stomach hates them.  I wish I could find some happy balance, but it seems that the best I can do is just deal with the stomach aches when I want to enjoy the sandwiches every once in a while.  


After ziplining, we made our way back to NH and decided to grab some dinner.  We started at a local steakhouse where I was excited for some steak and green beans, but unfortunately the line was out the door and it really didn’t seem worth the wait.  (Apparently everyone and their brother was out celebrating a belated Valentine’s Day because literally every restaurant in town was packed.)  We ended up at a pizza place in town that I hadn’t tried before, but ended up really liking. 

These little guys came out first – “garlic knots” drenched in butter, parmesan cheese, and basil.  They were absolutely delicious but every single time I put another bite in my mouth, my stomach was screaming profanities at me. 


I got a salad with BV dressing and redeemed myself just a tiny bit… but not for long. 


Because then this happened. 


This massive pie was made on the same garlic knot dough as the bread that came out first, and it was awesome.  It was topped with more garlic, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, olive oil, sauce, and sliced tomatoes, and I had two pieces before finally surrendering. 

All night, my stomach felt like absolute crap, but I did it to myself.  On Sunday, I woke up feeling lethargic and bloated – definitely not a fun thing.  After a few early morning errands, I headed to the gym to try and make myself feel a little better.

I did workout #2 from my new plan, and I liked it as much as the first one.  Again, it was really different than I’m used to, but it had me working hard and staying engaged, and that’s exactly what I was looking for. 

Here’s what I did:

  1. Warm up – 5 min walk, 5 min jog around track
  2. Shoulder presses:
    1. 5 @ 40lbs
    2. 5 @ 50lbs
    3. {5 @ 60lbs} x3
  3. Workout – Complete as fast as possible without breaks
    1. Run 2 laps around track
    2. 25 pushups
    3. 20 box jumps
    4. 50 walking lunges
    5. Run 2 laps around track
    6. 25 pushups
    7. 20 box jumps
    8. 50 walking lunges
    9. Run 2 laps around track
  4. Bi/Tri super set
    1. {12 Cable curls + 12 Cable pushdowns} x4
  5. 50 Assisted pull ups
  6. Core
    1. {12 Hanging knee lifts + 12 Figure eights} x4
  7. 10 min cool down walk on treadmill

After that, the bad meals just kept coming.  You’d think I would’ve learned from Saturday night’s stomach aches, but nope!  My friend and I went to a local restaurant hoping for breakfast, but when we found out it was too late, I had to go with lunch instead.  I ordered a chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato and onion rings on the side.  Weekends are the time to indulge, right?!  Yikes.


The rest of the day yesterday was spent lounging around, studying, and getting some things done around my apartment.  My stomach didn’t feel up to eating any kind of actual meal after what I put it through this weekend, so I snacked on some fruit and peanut butter later on and called it a night. 

I prepped all kinds of (healthy!) food for this week last night, and I’m hoping that after a few days of indulging, I can get myself back on track quickly.  I’ve done a pretty good job at getting these stomach aches in check lately, and each time I veer off course, I realize more and more how it’s really just not worth it to me.  I like pizza and cereal and sandwiches and bread and onion rings every once in a while – but I think it’s pretty clear that I shouldn’t pack them all into one 48-hour period. 

I guess all that eating chicken and veggies out of the microwave for the past two weeks had me feeling a little more deprived than I’d thought, but after reminding myself why I eat that way, chicken and veggies is sounding mighty delicious again this morning…

Anyways, I hope you all have a great Monday!

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3 Comments on “Holy Stomach Aches”

  1. That’s the cutest little cereal bowl ever! Haha. I’m missing me some garlic knots from Keene down here in Alabama.

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