A Productive Day Off

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Yesterday, I didn’t have to work, so I took advantage of a little free time and put some serious work in at getting my life back in order.  Whenever I come back from long amounts of time spent away from home, I always seem to have packing and laundry and shopping and cleaning all kinds of other errands to do.  I don’t like living in chaos and I hate having to-do lists hanging over my head, so it was really great to have a day to just get everything done so that I could really enjoy the weekend.  Since I’ll be heading to Mexico at the end of next week with my mom and sister, a day off to get some stuff done really couldn’t have come at a better time!

I planned on sleeping in yesterday, but I was wide awake by 6:30am, so I decided to just go with it and get my day started early.  I wanted something special for breakfast, so I made a batch of these strawberry banana protein pancakes, and they were special indeed!  These pink + red pancakes may have been one day late for Valentine’s day, but they were the perfect little celebration for me!


After breakfast, I decided to head to the Y and get my workout out of the way.  My friend made me a new plan, and I was excited to try it out.  It was very different from the workouts I’ve been doing lately – but in a great way.  It kept me moving, kept me interested, and most importantly, kept me working hard the entire time.  His insight to the workout was that it would keep my heart rate spiked and would make my legs wonder why I hate them so much… and he was right.  I usually just use little baby weights for my squats (for no other reason than that I’m used to it), but this plan had me lifting a lot heavier, and it was a ton of fun.

  1. Warm up – 10 minute walk on the treadmill
  2. Squats –
    1. 8 @ 45lbs
    2. 8 @ 65lbs
    3. 8 @ 85lbs
    4. 6 @ 105lbs
    5. {3 @  125lbs} x6
  3. Workout – Complete as fast as possible without breaks (yeah… I needed breaks)
    1. Row 1000 M
    2. 50 Thrusters (front squat to a push press) @ 45lbs
    3. 30 Pull ups (assisted because I’m terrible at pull ups… working on it.)
  4. 5 minute recovery walk around track
  5. Bi/Tri super set (4x)
    1. {Cable curls + Cable pushdowns}
  6. 50 squats (45lbs) + 50 RDLs (45lbs)
  7. Core
    1. {10 Hanging knee lifts} x4
    2. {10 Figure eights} x4
    3. {10 Back extensions + 20 Side crunches on pad} x4
  8. Cooldown –
    1. 10 minute incline walk on treadmill (level 7.5 @ speed 4)
    2. 10 minute walk (level 3.5)

As you can see, it incorporated a little bit of everything, and I really loved the variety.  My time at the gym absolutely flew by, and I left feeling accomplished.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

After the gym, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things for the week.  Since I’ll be traveling again soon, I didn’t want to go too crazy, but I picked up most of the essentials.

Veggies: Lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, spaghetti squash, carrots, red + green peppers, green beans, and potatoes


Fruits: Pineapple, grapes, apples, strawberries, and bananas


Proteins + Other: Eggs, chicken, ground chicken, ground beef, steak, almond milk, Bolthouse farms berry and chocolate smoothies, and yogurt


I’ve been staying away from yogurt lately, but I couldn’t pass by these little cuties today.  I’ve been seeing them all over the place for a while now, but I hadn’t seen them (or hadn’t looked for them, maybe) on the shelves until today.  Since the sugar content is a little higher than I’d want in a big thing of yogurt, these little 3.5-ouncers make for the perfect sweet treat.  And not to mention, they combine two of my most favorite things – raspberries and chocolate.  Chobani really gets me.


I ate my little mini yogurt with the spoon the company sent me a few weeks ago and loved the flavor.


The only problem was that the spoon was bigger than the yogurt!


In the afternoon, I did some serious cleaning around my apartment… I don’t know where dust and dirt come from when I’m barely ever here, but it sure is annoying.  I would chose organizing over cleaning any day, but at least I got it done!

For dinner, I decided to bring back something I haven’t made in quite a while: homemade French fries.  I haven’t really been eating potatoes lately, but those little buggers are so dang good!  Along with the fries, I had a cheeseburger, plus green beans and asparagus.  I decided to forego the bun but topped my burger with pepperjack cheese, lettuce, and tomato.


I used to not like cheeseburgers very much, (there was a long period of time when I didn’t like cheese altogether), but in the past couple years, I guess I’ve grown to like them.  I wouldn’t say they’re my favorite meal, but from time to time, a good, juicy cheeseburger makes one delicious Friday night dinner.


For dessert, I had a couple mint-dark chocolate cups I also picked up at the grocery store… so good!

Today, I plan on doing a little studying before I head out to Vermont to go zip lining.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time so to say I’m pretty excited about it would be a serious understatement!

Have a great day! Smile

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2 Comments on “A Productive Day Off”

  1. Chobani says:

    You’re right. We TOTALLY get you! Glad you enjoyed your Raspberry + Dark Chocolate Bite. Surprised the little cup didn’t topple over under the weight of that massive spoon! ;)


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