Stuff I Shouldn’t Eat

Since I started cutting out most grains and dairy (and consequently, a lot of gluten and sugar), I’ve really felt a lot better.  I haven’t had nearly as many stomach aches recently, and my energy levels have been a lot higher.  I clearly still eat cookies and desserts a little too often, but in general, I’m happy about the changes I’ve made. 

This week though, despite my best efforts to bring most of my food and stay on track as much as possible, I’ve eaten a few things that I probably shouldn’t have.  I’m definitely learning what gives me stomach aches and makes me feel crappy, and each time I prove myself right about one of those items, it gives me more incentive not to eat it again. 

When I stopped by the grocery store on Wednesday, I picked up a box of cereal on a whim.  I haven’t bought (or eaten) cereal in, well, I don’t even know how long… But the raisins in it looked delicious and the nutritional stats were fairly decent, so I grabbed it. 

I didn’t have to be to work until 3pm yesterday, so I slept in a bit (these days, “sleeping in” means waking up at 6 and laying in bed until 8 or 9), and then enjoyed a leisurely breakfast.  I wanted to try out my new cereal, so I went down to the hotel lobby to get some milk… another thing I haven’t had in I don’t even know how long.  (I’ve been drinking almond milk for the past couple weeks, stomach-ache-free, and I really like it.)  I added a ton of blueberries to the raisin bran and had a banana on the side, and it was quite the delicious meal.


After breakfast, I caught up on some blog stuff, did a little reading, and cleaned up my room a bit before heading downstairs for my workout… and, of course, that’s when the stomach ache hit.  All I could think was: I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that cereal and milk!

Despite my stomach ache, I started my workout by walking for five minutes on the treadmill to warm up, and then I did three 10-minute running + 2.5-minute walking intervals.  In between each one, I completed four rounds of a shoulder + tricep superset, sort of like I did on Thursday.  The only difference was that I definitely wasn’t feeling as energetic yesterday as I was on Thursday! 

Afterwards, I went back up to my room to complete this shoulder + tricep workout, but I felt like I dragged the entire time.  I used to love doing afternoon workouts, but I guess my body doesn’t anymore.  That, or maybe I should blame the breakfast.

After my workout, some TV watching, and of course a shower, I was feeling better so I made a pretty hefty lunch that I hoped would hold me over for a while.  I had to work the second shift at the warehouse last night, and whenever we do that, there’s no telling when we might get out.  I packed a few snacks just in case, but I was definitely hoping this meal was going to be big enough to keep me full for a while. 

I heated up some of the ground turkey and tomato mixture I brought with me, added a few extra tomato slices, and plopped the whole thing on top of some sliced red peppers (heated up in the microwave also) and a generous bed of fresh spinach. 


It was delicious and definitely a very filling meal, but all I wanted afterwards was something sweet.  I dug into the dried pineapples and dark chocolate chips for a little dessert, but before I knew it, a “little” dessert became a really big one… which soon became another really big stomach ache.  When will I learn?!

Luckily we worked pretty efficiently at the warehouse and got out at a reasonable time, but instead of the apple, banana, and almonds I packed, snacks eaten during breaks consisted of chocolate chip cookies I snagged from the hotel lobby on the way out the door.  Yet again, sugar, sugar, and more sugar that I knew I shouldn’t eat.  But they just looked so good!

I went to bed (and woke up this morning) with a serious stomach ache, cursing myself for eating things that I knew would make me feel bad.  Treats taste good every once in a while, but an all-day sugar binge just doesn’t work out so well, and I should have known better.  I’m feeling like I’m back on track as the day goes on today, so hopefully I’ve learned my lesson: Excessive amounts of dried fruit candy and chocolate does not equal a meal. 


What foods give you stomach aches?

What do you do to remind yourself not to eat certain things?

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4 Comments on “Stuff I Shouldn’t Eat”

  1. I have been struggling with this for the past couple of weeks… Cereal being one of them. Going to try to cut out all grains and see if it helps.

  2. Kamille Megan says:

    I’ve been really good about not eating dairy lately, but every so often I give in. Cheese is my weakness – I sometimes just can’t help it and dig in. Love me a piece of pizza once in a while!

    Still loving my almond milk – maybe try that on your cereal? I haven’t actually tried it on cereal yet.

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