Med Balls and Burpees and Blisters, Oh My!

I’ve been feeling pretty lazy at the gym this week, and I really don’t like it.  I’ve been slacking on cardio lately – I haven’t run much at all in the past couple weeks – and I miss it.  I got through all my strength workouts this week – but just barely.  I think part of it was being a little bit sick since last weekend, plus that kind of blah feeling I was dealing with, plus the fact that my shins/calves have been absolutely killing me… but whatever it was, I’m over the excuses!  I hoping to rest up this weekend and hit it hard next week.  I’m going to spend some time either this weekend or next weekend coming up with a new workout plan, and I’m excited to change things up a bit. 

This morning, I did last Friday’s workout again, and even though it just about killed me, it was a lot of fun.  I moved through the exercises quickly and despite the fact that I wanted to lay down on the floor in the middle of it, it felt good to complete it.  I changed up the routine just a bit, so here’s what it looked like this time:


The pull up bar at my gym is absolutely brutal on my hands.  I used to use the assisted pull up machine (just without the pad) for my knee lifts but I moved over to the other pull up bar a couple days ago, and it has been tearing up my palms.  Just one of the many blisters that busted open today… Yum.


As I was lying dead on my living room floor stretching afterwards, I realized I hadn’t shared my new sneakers… I got them at DSW on sale and I love them!  I think I’m officially turning into a sneaker addict, but hey, at least I get my money’s worth wearing them every day. 


Time to get this weekend started… have a good one everyone!! Smile

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