Holiday Baking: Round Two

While I was relaxing over the past couple days, I didn’t even realize I had so much to catch up on!  It’s not like I was too busy to blog, I just sort of… forgot!  I’m sure all of you were spending some time away from the computer too, celebrating with family and friends, so I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your long holiday weekend!

On Sunday, I did the rest of my holiday baking.  For my aunt’s Christmas Eve party, I decided to make something a little different and try out this cake batter chocolate bark recipe.

I followed the recipe, except that I used 12 oz. of dark chocolate and about 18 oz. of white.  I had it on hand, so I just figured, why not?


I started by melting the dark chocolate in the double boiler on the stove.


Once that was poured and cooled, I did the same with the white chocolate and then topped it with Christmas sprinkles and a bit of crushed up candy canes.


Once it was hardened, I cut it up into pieces and it was good to go!  A very easy recipe, for sure.


I originally planned on making Oreo truffles as well, since those always seem to be a crowd pleaser, but I changed my mind at the last minute.  Since I had to use a little bit of cake batter for the bark, I wanted to use up the rest of the box, so I ended up making Gracie’s cake batter blondies instead.   I’d made them once before and loved them, so I figured they’d be a hit with my family as well.

DSC_0186I followed her recipe exactly, using just 1/4 cup of milk to get the batter nice and dense.


And when I pressed them in the pan, I topped them with white chocolate chips and Christmas-colored sprinkles.


In no time, they were all baked up and ready to go.


Definitely one of the easiest years of baking ever!



We ended up having so many desserts at my aunt’s house on Christmas Eve that most of them got taken home instead of eaten on the spot, but my other aunt texted me last night to say she was eating these blondies and loving them, so I’d call that a success!


Do you do any baking for your Christmas parties?

What are your favorite holiday treats?

What did you bake this year?

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