Food-Filled (As Always)

My mom, sister, and I are always joking about how whenever we’re all home, the only thing there ever is to do is eat.  It’s like: ‘What do you guys want to do? Oh, let’s go out to eat.’  Why is that?!

When I got to town on Friday night, we immediately got down to it.  I met my mom, sister, and cousin at Portland Pie Co. for dinner, and I started off with the Shipyard blueberry beer, which was really light and tasty. 


We ordered the nachos for an appetizer, since clearly I can’t go more than a few days without a Mexican-inspired dish… 


And for our meals, we each got a salad and shared a basil thin crust pizza with grilled chicken, red sauce, fresh spinach, roasted red peppers, and ricotta cheese. 



For dessert, I treated everyone to Froyo.  (My cup had a little bit of tart froyo and a lotta bit of toppings, of course.)


Go big or go home!

Yesterday, I spent the morning doing a little studying and then headed to the gym with my cousin.  I did four miles on the treadmill and felt awesome and then we finished things up with a few core exercises.  I don’t know if it’s the gym atmosphere or what, but I ran harder than I have in a while and felt great afterwards.  Love that!

After the gym and a quick shower, it was off for more food, of course.  I met up with my mom, sister, aunt, and two other cousins and we grabbed a lunch at a new-to-me Italian place in town. 

There was bread to start, and since I was starving from my workout, I may have gone just a bit overboard on that deliciousness.  With the spicy pesto + olive oil mixture to dip it in, it was just so good.



I couldn’t decide what I wanted for lunch, so I decided to branch out (in a way) and go with the “lamb dip” sandwich.  It really wasn’t that much of a branch out since my obsession with French dips is already very well-documented, but I didn’t know how the lamb would be in it, so I went for it. 


Bad choice; it wasn’t very good.  I knew I should’ve went with the salad!  My aunt had one and hers looked delicious.  Next time!

All I really did during the afternoon was lounge around on the couch, so iust to keep with the theme, I’ll skip right on ahead to dinner, which was a really simple grilled ham + cheese with a pear.  Nothing special but it was actually really good!


Last night, I stopped by my friend Mandy’s house for her family’s Christmas party…


And then later on, we went out to a bar downtown for some drinks.  There was dancing, and chatting, and laughing with lots of good people… a simple recipe for a great night!



(I went to Kindergarten with those two lovely ladies above.  We’re all grown up now!)

Today I’ve got round two of my holiday baking to tackle… I’m making this and these, so let’s hope everything comes out good. 

Happy Sunday! Smile

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