All Done!

Operation: Refinish Dresser was officially a success!!


I painted the third coat when I got out of work today, and I just finished reattaching the hardware a few minutes ago.  It took some work, but I absolutely love how it came out.  I’m going to let it finish drying tonight, but I can’t wait to fill it with clothes and see how it looks all set up! 

It may have been easier to just buy a new dresser, but doing it this way saved me a ton of money and let me get the exact look I wanted!  That’s totally worth it to me.  Once I get it all set up, I’ll be sure to update with some before and after pictures and an overview of the whole process.  _____________________________________________________________________________________

Today’s breakfast was another easy but good one: Pomegranate Chobani with a chopped up plum and strawberries. 


Besides noticing that I’m hooked on apples lately, I also noticed that I’m hooked on Parmesan cheese.  (It could be because that’s the only cheese in my fridge right now, but oh well.)  Today’s lunch included Parm on top of the zucchini, tomatoes, and chicken that I prepped the other night.  I heated it up in the microwave at work for a few minutes, and it was really tasty.


I also had some more of those awesome red grapes:


and later, another apple with cinnamon:


After I finished painting my dresser, I whipped up some dinner.  I made baked chicken tenders again, with honey, green beans, and whole wheat macaroni with more Parmesan. 



It seems like I’ve been eating all of the same foods lately, but I don’t even mind.  I guess it’s hard to get bored when everything is so delicious!

I went to bed early last night but Billy just reminded me that I completely forgot about Sons of Anarchy, so I’m going to go try and catch up!

Can you believe tomorrow’s already Thursday?!  Have a good night! Smile

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2 Comments on “All Done!”

  1. [...] I had lots of fun decorating my new apartment and learned that I have a passion for finding and refinishing second-hand furniture! [...]

  2. All of those meals look delish!! I do the same things, eat the same meals for a while- when I find something I like I tend to stick to it until I’m bored with it!

    And the dresser looks fab!! great job! :)

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