The Windy City

I know Chicago technically owns this nickname, but I would officially like to claim it for my campus.  It was literally painful walking to work this morning – 25 degrees and SO windy. I almost started running just to get out of it, but I figured that might be a little weird. Rough.

I packed up a breakfast this morning to eat at work: Plain Chobani Greek yogurt with Trader Joe’s granola with berries, chia seeds, and fresh cut strawberries. It started out all separate, but I ended up mixing it all up to eat together.  I also had some berry tea and half of a clementine that a wonderful co-worker gave me.

iPhone 001

iPhone 002

I met up with BF around noon, and boy am I glad I brought my own lunch because the Student Union food court was PACKED. Not sure if it’s because it’s only the second day of classes or because everyone just wanted to get out of the cold, but I hope it levels off soon. Not fun.

My salad was a mixture of fresh ingredients and leftovers: Spring mix with carrots, leftover chicken and quinoa from the other night, sunflower seeds, and a spritz of Ken’s light options balsamic vinaigrette.  It was tough to eat that sitting across from BF and his Panda Express orange chicken, but it was really a great salad! (You can’t see much in the pictures, but I wear it’s all in there!)


iPhone 005

I also had one of these:

iPhone 002

It was a new-to-me bar that BF brought home, and I didn’t know what to expect. It was pretty high in fat (perhaps because it was full of crunchy peanuts) but low in sugar (which was probably the reason that the chocolate flavor was seriously lacking).  Overall, I was pretty impressed by the peanut buttery flavor and the crunchiness (although I could’ve done with more chocolate), and 10g of protein is pretty stellar.

When I got home this afternoon, I fully intended on doing my planned treadmill+abs workout, but soon my phone started ringing, quickly derailing my plans.  I ended up doing several hours of work for my dad’s company, and by the time late afternoon rolled around, it was tough to get motivated again – especially considering how cold it is in my apartment! My shoulder is still acting up too, so I didn’t want to push it so I can feel good from my second Workout A tomorrow.

After some self-motivating, I decided to nix the cardio and just complete the planned abs circuit. (I walked around campus a good deal today, so it’s fine. Winking smile) Here’s what the cardio-less, at-home version of Workout C looks like:

  • Mountain climbers
  • Reverse crunches
  • Side bends with dumbbells
  • Cobras
  • Crunches
  • Hip crossovers
  • Situps

I also made up a gym version using cables and some of the other machines, but that will have to wait.

I was on my own again for dinner (a frequent occurrence during baseball season), and I  didn’t really feel like cooking, so I heated up some Progresso Chicken Barley soup and a sandwich similar to yesterday’s lunch, made with sliced chicken, spinach, spicy hummus, and a little mozzarella grilled on the stove . It doesn’t look too great in the picture, but it definitely hit the spot and warmed me up a bit.

iPhone 004

iPhone 003

I’m off to do some homework and probably catch another episode of my new obsession: Flying Wild Alaska. I seriously can’t get enough of this show!!

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